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Despite what people think, mattresses often differ in sizes in different parts of the world. For example, an Australian queen size bed has a different dimension from a Singapore queen size bed and a US queen size bed. To offer a simple solution, we offer customisation if you want a particular bed size.
Why is there a need for custom size mattress in Singapore?
Mattress size comparison
Expatriates with their own bedding
There is an increasing demand for custom mattresses in Singapore with the influx of expatriates living in Singapore. They often come from many countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Europe, North America, the United Kingdom, China, and India. Many of these countries have their own standard sizes for mattresses, click here to see the different mattress sizes.
In particular, one of the big differences is that mattresses in Singapore have a length of 190cm. This is fairly short when compared to the longer mattress sizes from other countries, which can easily be around 200cm or more. People who are accustomed to sleeping on a longer mattress might find it frustrating to switch to a shorter length mattress. This is especially true if the person is tall to begin with, and many expatriates tend to be taller. Many expatriates bring their bed frames and sheets to Singapore so to have their familiar furniture with them. In some cases the furniture may be antique or valuable, and the expatriate won't wish to leave it behind in storage in their home country.
In this situation, a custom size mattress can be the best solution. You will not need to purchase a whole new bed while in Singapore if you already have your own one in a different size. Instead you can simply purchase a custom made mattress to fully utilise your existing bedding and sheets.
Custom made bed frame
Singaporeans who own a custom size bed frame will also enjoy having a new mattress created in just the right dimensions for their specific bed frame. Custom made bed frames are ideal ways for a craftsman to showcase their art, especially if there are embellishments or decorative features on it. Imagine owning a one-of-a-kind bed frame handcrafted by a master craftsman - it can really be a focal point in your bedroom. You need not be put off by the lack of an exact match to a standard mattress size, as you now have the option of customising the size of your mattress. Many owners of custom made bed frames fall into the trap of believing they should not replace their mattress due to it being a non-standard size. But with a custom made mattress specific to that particular bed frame, you can replace your mattress just as often as everyone else does.
Custom bed frame
Another example where it helps to have a custom bed frame and mattress is to maximize use of space. For example, if a king size bed would make your room look a little cramped but a queen size bed would feel too small for comfort, then a custom size in between these dimensions may be ideal.
Where in Singapore can I get a custom made mattress?
Whether you need a super long family mattress or a uniquely shaped boat mattress, rest assured you can have a custom size mattress made for you.
At Heveya® we can arrange for a custom mattress of any dimensions you desire. We have a stellar reputation for attentiveness to each individual's needs - whether this is for a standard mattress or a specially customized one.
Let yourself sink into unparalleled comfort in the luxury of one of our latex mattresses. And when you know it has been designed and manufactured in a specific size just for you, it will give you a feeling of extra fulfilment and pleasure.

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