Healing our planet, One tree at a time

Heveya® pledges to plant 12,000 trees yearly in Borneo, one of the world’s most magnificent rainforests. Together with Replant World and their indigenous partners, we are restoring nature, supporting children’s education and providing job opportunities for the local communities.

Our future depends on our forests

Our forests purify the air we breathe, reduce ozone levels and erosion, stabilise air temperatures and are home to millions of species for food and shelter. They are a vital part of our lives. Yet globally, we are allowing over 10 million hectares of rainforests to disappear every year. At this pace, they may completely vanish in the next 100 years!

“Our future generations deserve a healthy planet and we must restore what we have taken away!”

We are on a mission to build a sustainable world for generations to come; Social responsibility is a crucial part of our business and we take it upon ourselves to give back to our environment and our society.

For the Planet, For the People

Heveya®’s reforestation efforts include an array of over 20 native and endemic tree species. Each tree planted provides nutrients for the soil, stops erosion and absorbs about 48lbs (on avg.) of CO2 per year and regulates global temperature through evapotranspiration, ultimately tackling global warming.

These trees also form an ecosystem which provides home and shelter to numerous species. These trees also provide a water catchment that provides rivers, lakes and local communities with freshwater as well as means for medicine, fruits, nuts, oils and materials for weaving.

The most valuable guardians

The Dayak indigenous people play a key role in the maintenance, preservation and conservation of the rich biodiversity of Borneo. They have been managing the rainforests in sustainable ways for centuries, passing their valuable knowledge and measures of conservation from one generation to another.

Due to their dependence on the forests for food and shelter, they have developed deep-rooted respect and need to protect their land, which makes them the best people to help with reforestation. We need our indigenous communities and they must be protected!

With your continuous support, we are able to plant trees that provide valuable resources and jobs for these local communities that help build resilience against extractive industries & damaging development, ultimately creating a sustainable ecosystem between nature and its people.


"Reducing our environmental impact is at the forefront of what we do."

Stefan Magnus, Founder

Heveya® organic latex plantation

Our latex is sourced from the world's first organic certified latex plantation. To obtain this status, our plantation went through the process of fertilization for 4 years with only 100% organic fertilizers. That is the time required for the soil to be completely chemical free, so that no traces of chemicals are detectable in the latex milk.

Harvested from Hevea Brasiliensis, the most ecological trees in the world. These trees clean the air, prevent erosion and at the end of their life-cycle, they serve as a perfect alternative for tropical hardwood in furniture, ultimately preventing the cutting of tropical rainforest trees.

Made to last for years to come

The mattress landfill crisis is a huge environmental concern that is often neglected. Most traditional polyurethane foam mattresses are made to be replaced every 5-7 years. Once disposed, these mattresses can take up to 1000 years to completely decompose.

Our LGA certifications certify that our mattresses are made to last with the most durable material available in the market today. Natural Organic Latex mattresses last you up to 15-20 years and are biodegradable & recyclable. They can be broken into pieces and transformed into other goods such as underfloor insulators and sound proof walls.

Reducing air pollution from harmful adhesives

Most mattresses are stitched together, with various components binded by strong adhesives to keep them locked and secured. These glues are known for off-gassing toxic fumes and vapours, creating an unhealthy sleeping environment and polluting the air by contributing to the formation of ground-level ozone, ultimately leading to the Greenhouse effect and global warming.

Our mattresses are made of pure natural latex rubber foam - free of pesticides, heavy metals, VOCs or glues that may put your health and the earth in harm's way.

Mother Nature's gift to us

All of our bedding products are made of natural materials sourced from like minded suppliers. We ensure that our bamboo, cotton, linen, teakwood, beech wood, etc come from certified sustainable plantations. These plants also provide benefits to the earth through their whole lifecycle.

Soil conservation

Being a surface feeder, rubber trees afford good soil binding and erodibility of soil is considerably reduced. The thick canopy helps to cut down direct radiation and intercepts rain.

Water conservation

Bamboo shoots store water in their hollow spaces. They release water in the dry season and thus decreases the possibility of drought.

Change starts from within

Aside from ensuring that we work with like-minded suppliers and organizations, we also put utmost importance on our day-to-day practices within our company. We use green electricity sources at our workplace – our people are also encouraged to form eco-friendly practices such as fresh indoor planting, printing on recycled paper, switching to public transportation – and the list goes on!

More about our efforts

Honored to be doing our part in paving way for a sustainable world

Sustainability Initiatives

The future of humanity now depends on us. Our environment is an exhaustible resource that must be preserved and it is our responsibility to leave our future generations with a healthy planet. As a socially conscious business, we take it upon ourselves to contribute to sustainable environmental practices that help minimize pollution and conserve resources like water and energy.