Sleep the most Essential Human Need

Have you had some late nights recently? Maybe you’ve been burning the midnight oil studying for that final paper or preparing for an important presentation. Or perhaps, the lure of binge-watching and social media have taken priority over rest. Do you remember how you feel in the morning after all those late nights? Let's take a few minutes to understand the importance of sleep and its effects on our overall wellness.
Maslow Hierarchy – Understanding Our Human Needs
Maslow, the late American psychologist, came up with a hierarchy of human needs to attain self-actualization. As humans, we require our physiological needs to be fulfilled. These essential requirements at the bottom of the pyramid consist of food, water, sex, homeostasis, excretion, and of course, sleep. Our other human needs of safety, social connections, self-esteem, and self-fulfilment follow. Successfully meeting these needs helps us to be well-rounded and content.
Maslow Pyramid - Sleep at the base
The Importance of Sleep
Many people, especially Singaporeans, choose to sacrifice sleep over keeping up with their social lives or work despite sleep standing as the base of our human needs. Without sleep, our mind and body are unable to function to their full potential. Getting enough sleep can have a profound impact on your health-boosting memory retention, improving immunity, and accelerating growth and recovery for your body.
To fully benefit from sleep, we require well-rested nights, which can be achieved with a conducive sleeping environment. Ideally, your bedroom should be cool, quiet and dark, while your bed is supportive and comfortable in order to promote healthy sleep. You make physical contact with your mattress for a substantial amount of time daily. It is the last thing you see and feel at night and the first thing you see and feel again in the morning, making the investment in a good, supportive mattress for optimal sleep a sound one.
Maslow Pyramid - Sleep at the base
The Solution for a Good Night’s Sleep
Sleep, being the most important aspect of our human needs, should be supplemented with the investment of a quality mattress. Instead of buying a luxurious sofa to impress your house guests, why not own a high-quality mattress than can deliver cosy nights and supercharged mornings?
At European Bedding, we care about your well-being. We carry bedding products that can be customized to cater to people of different ages, builds and preferred sleeping positions. Our Heveya natural organic latex mattresses come with a variety of thickness and firmness - even with the option of different densities within one King-size mattress to ensure a sound sleep for couples with different preferences.
Best of all, latex mattresses give you the best value for your money compared to other options. Natural latex is more durable than other mattress materials. A single-size Heveya mattress costs between $2,488 and $3,588 (SGD). This may seem like quite the investment, but looking at the bigger picture, it’s an extremely worthwhile choice considering your new latex mattress is going to last you up to 15 years. This translates to spending $0.65 (SGD) each night for quality sleep.
Organic, eco-friendly and sustainable materials make up the Heveya bedding products. Knowing you are sleeping on an environmentally friendly, socially conscious product, you are bringing yourself much closer to achieving your self-fulfilment needs as well.
As mentioned earlier, many of you may be getting less sleep due to a hectic schedule or unending deadlines at work. With the stresses of modern life escalating to an all-time high, the importance of quality sleep is paramount. Because of this, your bed is one of the most important essentials in your house. Buying a good quality mattress will give you better sleep and in turn a better quality of life!

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