Heveya® at The Courtyard


Experience the official launch of our dedicated Heveya® store with our limited-time pop-up at The Courtyard from 22nd April to 5th May. Meet our sleep experts and explore our sustainable bedding collection. Your dream selections await!

Slots available from:
Mon - Sun: 10am-6pm


Spinal Alignment Analysis


The wonders of a good night’s sleep are truly endless. Quality slumber not only promotes physical and mental health - but also protects your delicate spine over time. The secret to achieving this lies within your own unique body - it is essential to find a firmness level of mattress that is catered to your particular height and weight. This is where our sleep experts come in - we will check your spinal alignment to ensure that you are choosing products which provide the perfect balance of support and comfort.


What Dreams are Made of

For the ultimate Heveya® experience, your nap will be aided by our most-loved Heveya® King size natural organic latex mattresses, featuring dual-firmnesses; half medium and half firm! If you’re booking with us with a partner, it is the perfect opportunity to test which firmness fits both of your personal needs.

Immerse yourself in the meticulously designed space of our pop-up, bedecked with unique furniture offerings from Custom No.9's "Nana's Atelier" collection to create a contemporary space brimming with warmth.

    Heveya® Bamboo Lyocell Sheets

    Drape yourself with the finest luxury bedding; these exquisitely soft & silky bamboo sheets add an instant touch of opulence to your bedroom!

    Heveya® Flax Linen Sheets

    All the way from Europe, bringing you a little something to pass on to the next generation. Relive your luxury vacation everyday with the most premium quality!

    Heveya® Organic Latex Pillows

    Naturally breathable and responsive, these organic latex pillows deliver comfort and optimal head & neck support.


    Join us at The Courtyard, where we invite you to rediscover the joy of restful nights.



    The Courtyard, Sheikh Zayed Road (E11), Al Quoz Industrial 1, Street 4b/Street 6

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