Customised Comfort

Is it important to buy the mattress, bed base and pillow together? Yes, it is!
Mattress, bed base, and pillow have to match each other. The combination of the 3 elements determines your comfort.
At Heveya® Singapore, we offer you a complete sleeping system tailored to your personal needs. As people spend at least one third of their lives in bed, a comfortable and healthy sleeping system is important.
Latex mattress with adjustable slatted bed base offer customised comfort
Would you like a different mattress firmness level from your partner? No worries, we can offer you a King size mattress with two different firmness levels.
Besides that some of our latex mattresses are made with 7 comfort zones with firmer zones for the head, waist and legs and softer zones for the hips and shoulders to allow them to sink deeper into the mattress without losing support. This way, the spine's curve is kept in its natural alignment, allowing your body to be fully rested throughout the night.
Ergonomic adjustable slatted bed base
Not only can our mattresses have personalised firmness levels for each partner, our bed base can also be adapted to each person’s desired comfort level.
Indeed, our ergonomic adjustable slatted bed bases are equipped with flexible beech wooden slats which can be made softer or firmer just by moving the sliders in or out.
A study by the Ergonomie Institut München supervised by Dr. Heidinger, Dr Jaspert & Dr. Hocke GmbH, aimed at studying the biomechanical properties of mattress and bed base, concluded that the combination of a latex mattress with an ergonomic adjustable slatted bed base outperformed any other combination, for example,spring mattress with box spring, in terms of spine support and shoulder support.
The correct pillow choice will complete your total comfort experience. Your pillow should support you in such a way that when you lie down on the bed, your head and neck should be in the same position as they would be when you are standing upright.
At Heveya®, we offer two different shapes of latex pillows: traditional and contoured. Traditional shaped pillows are generally softer than contoured ones. Therefore, for people with face down sleeping habits and softer mattresses, traditional shaped pillows may be more suitable. On the other hand, a contoured shaped pillow is especially suitable for side sleepers and people who prefer a firmer mattress.

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