How To Keep Your New Latex Mattress In Tip-Top Condition

Are you the proud owner of a new latex mattress? If so, you can congratulate yourself on a life-enhancing experience. In addition to enjoying the comfort and relaxation of your new mattress, you are probably wondering how you can keep it in tip-top condition.
Fortunately, latex mattresses do not need a lot of time and effort put into their care. The tasks you need to do to keep your mattress in pristine condition are simple. Yet these will make sure it will extend the lifespan of your mattress.
1. Rotate and/or flip your mattress every 6 months
This ensures that body pressure is spread evenly throughout the mattress. Rotating or flipping your latex mattress will also make it feel even more comfortable to you.
Rotating And Flipping Mattress
To rotate a mattress, you simply turn it around 180 degrees, keeping the sleeping surface on top the whole time. What used to be the head of the bed is now the foot, and vice versa.
To flip a mattress, you rotate it 90 degrees over the base, and flip it over the long edge by raising it up on its long edge and then lowering it over to the other side. Your previous sleeping surface will be underneath now, and you will now sleep on the new surface. You then rotate the mattress a further 90 degrees to make the previous head of the bed become the foot. Therefore a flip involves both a rotation and a flip. Rotating or flipping your mattress only needs to be done once every six months.
2. Use a removable and cleanable mattress cover
Always make sure your latex mattress comes with a removable mattress cover. The ideal is a fully enclosable mattress cover which can be removed completely for washing or dry-cleaned. This allows you to have the hygiene and health you desire, because you might be surprised at what could be living in your mattress. Even in the cleanest of homes, we cannot completely prevent perspiration, smell, bed bugs or stains going onto our bed. But using a removable mattress cover allows us to keep those issues to the cleanable cover and not to get into the mattress. Cleaning your mattress cover is as simple as putting it into the washing machine or sending it to be dry-cleaned, eliminating those undesirable issues. This allows the mattress to be kept in tip-top condition.
If your latex mattress does not come with a cleanable cover, then it's critical that you purchase and use a mattress protector instead, though a removable mattress cover is highly recommended.
The good news is that at Heveya® Singapore, all latex mattresses come with a removable and cleanable mattress cover. This is unusual compared to other bedding stores, but it's important to us that we give you the healthy and hygienic sleeping environment you desire.
Heveya® Organic Latex Mattress
3. Gentle spot cleaning if necessary
If for some reason a spill occurs or you get something on your mattress core despite having your cleanable mattress cover, then you should clean the mattress gently and carefully. Simply use a damp cloth and rub gently. No complicated cleaning is required for a latex mattress, and you won't need to do this on an ongoing basis: it's only if it's necessary due to a spill or stain.
4. Avoid uncovered exposure to sun
If you're using your mattress cover as directed, this won't be an issue. However, when you take the cover off to clean it, make absolutely certain you're not exposing your latex mattress to direct sunlight. This is because direct sunshine on an uncovered latex mattress can cause the latex to break down and have a much shorter lifetime. But you can relax in the knowledge that using a fully enclosable cover will prevent this problem.
5. Let your mattress breathe: don't block the underside
Latex is a highly breathable structure. It has pinholes built into it during its processing, and its foam is an open-cell type, allowing plenty of air to circulate. That being said, for proper mattress longevity you need to ensure that your mattress can breathe. Try to prevent blocking the underside of the mattress with a flat base. Instead, use a slatted bed base which allows air to circulate freely between the slats. It is better for your mattress and more hygienic this way. And you will also be pleased to know that it will deliver you a cooler night's sleep via the improved air circulation: a welcome relief in the hot humid climate of Singapore.
Heveya® Singapore offers sprung slatted bases to ensure optimal air circulation, and this delivers the added bonus of extra comfort for you. A sprung slatted bed base adds a little extra springiness and helps bear the weight of the mattress without allowing any sagging. The sprung slatted bases at Heveya® are adjustable depending on the level of springiness you prefer.
So pairing your latex mattress with a sprung slatted base is recommended to help the longevity of your latex mattress. This is because proper air circulation will be maintained. Although it costs extra, it's a worthwhile investment because, aside from mattress longevity, you're also certain to enjoy the added health and sheer comfort it brings.
The bottom line
There is very little you need to do to keep your new latex mattress in tip top condition. The five key things to remember are: rotate or flip your mattress every 6 months, always use a cleanable mattress cover, do gentle spot cleaning if necessary, avoid uncovered exposure to direct sunlight, and allow your mattress to breathe.
You really don't have to spend much time at all on the maintenance of your new latex mattress. This leaves you more time to enjoy the comfort and luxury of your new mattress.

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